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NEW!! A book of my poetry, some lyrics, and photography, from Siento Sordida Press. Available as an e-book fropm Smashwords or from

(Advisory: some erotic material, some nude photos).

"Fairy Tale Rtuals is full of empowering rituals, often forgotten histories, magickal lore, and insights into stories we only thought we knew. I loved this book and and love Kenny Klein for bringing the Pagan and magickal world of the Brothers Grimm to a modern audience. Fairy Tale Rituals is that rare book that goes beyond its title and offers a bit of myth, enchantment, and scholarly insight to all who walk a magickal path. "

Jason Mankey
Pagan scholar, historian and lecturer,

"This how-to guide explicates well-known fairy tales, with footnoted, sourced analyses of various historical versions of texts, then provides rituals based on Wicca, ceremonial magic, and Kabbalah for the reader to perform. Klein... links each story to a theme, teasing out startling implications of well-known stories. Snow White is linked to sexual attraction, Hansel and Gretel to faerie mirror magic, Sleeping Beauty to dreams, and Cinderella to manifestation of wishes. ... Casual adult fans of fairy tales will find much to enjoy, from thought-provoking textual analysis to intriguing links between story and paganism. The book serves as a reminder that well-known things around us may have hidden, sometimes erotic, meanings and darker histories than we know."

Publisher's Weekly

“Think you know faeries? This well-researched, compelling book will have you looking twice at shadows and tying bits of red thread around your bedposts for protection.”—Jennifer McMahon, author of Promise Not to Tell

"I have never in my life come across any book that comes even close to containing the volume of information that the author has supplied in this wonderful book. It could well be entitled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Faeries, But Were Afraid to Ask.” Packed with lots of unusual and interesting information on every page, it mentions some of the most obscure lore about faeries." Green Egg Magazine

"My own darker side loved the section on Hell Hounds. From Cerberus, Hecate and Anubis to Shakespeare’s Herne to Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles, demon dogs add fury to the comings of goings of figures like Mab, the Faerie Queen, as well as to the preachings of America’s Southern pulpits.

"This book is a perfect next step for Harry Potter readers who are now teenagers and young adults. The green-eyed beauty staring out of the shadows on the cover will let them know that. The book will also be an invaluable resource for writers of those epic adventure tales which are ultimately headed to the big screen, laden with special effects." —Anna Jedrziewski,, New York, N.Y.

"I truly enjoyed every page of it. The subject is fascinating and your voice comes through most entertainingly." Abraham Tetenbaum, Founder and Executive Director, Enrichment Works Educational Enrichment Programs

Also by Kenny Klein:

The Flowering Rod, a look at mens spirituality, the image of the Horned God, and how men fit into Paganism and ritual, is available through Immanion Press. This book was first published in 1993 by the now defunct Delphi Press, and after being unavailable for a very long time, this new, re-edited version is available on the publisher's site.

I have a poem included in this excellent anthology, Lilith Queen Of The Desert by Anya Kless.

"Goddess? Demon? First woman? Feminist icon? Who—or what—is Lilith? For centuries, She has haunted the edges of civilization. In the 21st century, She seems to be asserting Herself more adamantly than ever. Has She been calling you? For the first time, this volume combines historical, practical, and devotional material on Lilith."


" enjoyable and very useful read, which I thoroughly recommned to anyone wanting to explore and develop their perceptions of men and the masculine in paganism."

Avalonia LuxNox, The Esoteric Book Review

"A powerful examination of Men’s Mysteries that traces the male experience back to the times of the hunter-gatherers, when the simple acts of working and hunting were seen as sacred, and when men’s passionate sexuality was celebrated as their personal connection to the Earth.

"Recognizing that many men of today lack a sense of sacred identity, Klein provides a framework for ritual and self-examination based on ancient lore and legend, which gives men the means to reclaim their sacred selves.

“Kenny Klein has achieved a blend of psychological and spiritual theory, a review of aspects of European history which relate directly to the lives of men struggling to affirm their masculinity and a practical guide for men to actualize their masculine spirituality. Kenny’s contribution to masculine spirituality is enormously important. A book like this is long overdue, not only as it relates to the Neo-Pagan community but for all men who are seeking a spiritual way to experience their own empowerment as well as healing our planet.”

Douglas Gillette, Author, King Warrior Magician Lover

“It is a great pleasure to see men today discovering in the Old Religions of pre-patriarchal times deeper, more caring and more joyful ways to celebrate their manhood; ways more meaningful then the warring, patriarchal stereotypes of our own society. Kenny Klein has beautifully described his own spiritual journey. He also offers a detailed and practical guide to the many levels of meaning a man may find in the Pagan way.”

Shirley Ann Ranck, Cakes for The Queen of Heaven

I have a story included in this new anthology of Pagan writings, published on Misanthrope Press. Stories by Charles Delaney,JJ Beazley, Cory Thomas Hutcheson, Amanda Klink, Kim Bowie, Trevor Curtis, Anne E. Johnson, Elizabeth L. Clark, R.S. Bohn, and Shanti Black, and an introduction by S.J. Tucker.