A song from my concert during Keruac Fest at the Haunted Hotel in Windber, PA. August 2012. Thank you to THIS website. Home
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January 2012 on Royal Street with the Hokum High Rollers. A fan video.
Playing with my band Darwin's Monkeywrench at Brushwood Folklore Center, July 2012. Lauren DeVoe, washboard; Billy Woods, drums; Louise, harmonica; and of course Stephanie Mitchell on vocals.
Fidgety Rabbit (myself and Beth Patterson), Playing at the Kerry Irish Pub, New Orleans, September 2011.
More Darwin's Monkeywrench at Brushwood, 2012. With the fabulous River Breitbach on mandolin.
Playing with Odd's Remnants; myself, Stephanie Mitchell (both of us former members of Odd's Bodkin... get it?) and Billy Woods on washboard. At Brushwood, July 2011.