Kenny Klein is an accomplished fiddler, guitarist, singer and songwriter who has performed at dozens of festivals, renaissance faires and music venues over the last three decades. Venues Kenny has performed in include: the legendary Folk City (NY), Speakeasy (NY), The Coffee Gallery Backstage (LA), Starwood Festival, PantheaCon, Ancient Ways Festival, Arizona Faerie Festival, Colorado Renaissance Faire, Bristol Renaissance Faire, Southern California Renaissance Faire, and the New York Renaissance Festival. In his home city of New Orleans Kenny performs regularly at the BMC club, Lucky's, and the Kerry Irish Pub. He has recorded many CDs of original music, and has played on many CDs by other artists. Kenny plays in several bands, including his own band, FishBird.

Kenny is the author of Through the Faerie Glass (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2010) andFairy Tale Rituals (Llewellyn, 2011). Kenny is also a regular blogger for the Huffington Post, and for Pagan Square.

Kenny is a photographer, whose work has been shown in galleries in Los Angeles and published in several print venues.

Photo by Kimberly Hatten-Reid

In his three decade career, Kenny has played musical styles that include Folk, Celtic, Pop, Bluegrass, Country, Blues, Swing and Jazz. He has toured throughout the U. S., Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. While he plays a variety of stringed instruments, the fiddle is his favorite instrument for performance with bands, and he likes guitar for songwriting, and to play when appearing solo.

Kenny lives in New Orleans, where he plays music in clubs and on the streets . He tours extensively, especially in the summer months, performing at festivals and renaissance faires, and spends the winter writing books, recording, and creating art projects.

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Here are my three most recent CDs. To see all available CDs, please visit my online shop or click here to download indidual songs or entire CDs.

FishBird is a dark rock jam band, featuring myself, Rachel Maxann, Tom Smith and Alex Theissan.

As far as I know, the world's first CD of Pagan Bluegrass Gospel music!!! Pagan songs in a traditional Bluegrass style, featuring banjo, fiddle, dobro, mandolin, and of course vocals. Eleven songs, including Temple On The Stone, Let Me Sing, Maple Tree, Diana's Moon, High Ground.

My new CD features 11 new, original songs in New Orleans Jugband and Rockabilly Blues styles, played on banjo, washboard, fiddle, clarinet and harmonica. Most likely the world's first CD of Pagan Jugband music. Vagabond Blues, Ghosts of the Lower 9th Ward, Barleycorn Blues, Ghost Train, My Pagan Girl.

Black Cat Blues is my most current release, with original songs in the style of New Orleans Jugband and Blues music. Includes Chicken Murders and Mandrake.

Reviews of Kenny's CDs and Shows:

"Kenny Klein...mixes New Orleans blues, Jazz and Bluegrass that sounds like it came straight from a one room shack in the Appalachian mountains. He is a multi-talented musician, author, poet and artist."

The Magic Jukebox Podcast

“This album, like all of Kenny Klein's work, is a must for any music collection. From beginning to end, each song is filled with compelling imagery and the CD crosses through so many musical styles that it is sure to thrill and delight.”

“This is a “Dark Wave” style with more electric tone than some of Kenny’s other works. My first impression was that I wasn’t going to enjoy this disc. It wasn’t my style, or so I told myself. Then I listened to Kenny’s lyrics. And I discovered that whether he is producing a traditional ballad or something a bit (okay, a LOT) more off the wall, his music has the ability to evoke unexpected responses.

“I especially liked “Maria’s Not a Catholic Anymore.” Although short, it reminded me of a couple of other songs I have always enjoyed (Dar Williams’ “Christians and Pagans” and Jim Alan’s “Talking Wicca Blues”), both of which reflect reality. Then there is “Dead Gerbil Jam”…you have to hear this one.”

Mike Gleason, The Pagan Activist, review of Fairy Queen

“Pagan Gospel Bluegrass,” who’d have thought of that combination? Kenny Klein, of course. This latest offering from the talented mind of Kenny Klein is a one-of-a-kind disc, although I have hopes that this style may catch on and inspire further offerings.”

Mike Gleason, The Pagan Activist, review of Maple Tree

“It is hard to find a fiddler at faire who surpasses Kenny in his gypsy flavored fiddle playing. "Audra", the second song on the CD, is a perfect example. The feel of the music conjures images of varda wagons encircling a bonfire under a moonlit night.

"Another favorite (and one worth purchasing the album for) is "The Old Woman Was A Gypsy". The song is more contemporary in lyrical content, but it strikes directly to the heart of anyone who has sat beside a bonfire at faire, watching the smoke carry their dreams skywards.” Review of Little Birds Of Desire

“Kenny Klein, the fiddler, is a sinfully talented musician, and he brings his many years of fiddling experience with him. To watch him work a fiddle is to realize that this instrument's reputation as the poor man's violin is ill earned.”

I've always enjoyed your show. I went to my first fair three years ago, and my friend "volunteered" me to go on stage for 'Oh No, John'. I'm normally pretty shy, so I wouldn't have done it without her prompting, but I ended up having a lot of fun. It's still one of my favorite Faire memories. I've seen most of the shows there, and I honestly think yours is the most entertaining. Whenever I bring new friends with me, I take them to see your show, and they always enjoy it.”

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