Kenny Klein is a well known musician, author, and lecturer in the Pagan community. Kenny has recorded many CDs geared toward Pagan and Renaissance Festival audiences; He is the author of The Flowering Rod, Men, Sex and Spirituality, (Immanion, 2009), a book about men's Wicca, and Through the Faerie Glass: A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2010). Kenny has been a presenter and musical performer at dozens of festivals, including Pagan Spirit Gathering, Free Spirit Gathering, Heartland festival, Starwood, PantheaCon, Ancient Ways, Florida Pagan Fest, and many others. Visit Kenny's website at http://www.kennyklein.net/ , and at www.myspace.com/kennykleinmusic.


Grimms Fairy Tales: What Your Mother Didn't Tell You!: Growing up, we all heard the stories of Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and Beauty and the Beast. But each of these tales comes from older, darker tales, and carries with it dark, erotic underpinnings. Kenny Klein explores the deep meanings of the tales collected by the Grimms, adding material from traditional songs and older myths to give a view of the real stories of these characters. Kenny Klein is a well known performer and presenter, and author of Through the Faerie Glass: A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings (Llewellyn 2010). Recommended for adults and mature teens.

Fairy Lore in British Folk Music: Kenny explores portrayals of Fairies, Werefoxes and Underworld creatures in traditional British Isles folk music. See how the creatures of Fairie were viewed by folklore from ancient times, to the views of Victorian balladeers. Learn about changelings, Selkies, and the Fairy Queen. Kenny Klein is a well known performer and presenter, and author of Through the Faerie Glass: A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings (Llewellyn 2010).

The Erotic World of Fairie: Sexuality In British Fairy Lore: How does folklore view the sexuality of the creatures we know as Fairies, Elves and Selkies? Kenny explores the erotic conduct of magical creatures, consorting with each other and with humans. Learn why certain creatures were to be avoided for their sexual whiles, and why it is best to stay away from the roses of Carter Hall. Kenny Klein is a well known performer and presenter, and author of Through the Faerie Glass: A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings (Llewellyn 2010). Recommended for adults and mature teens.

Magical Bird Lore: Every bird in the sky and the forest has magical lore associated with it. Find the enchantment of the wren, the owl, the raven and the robin according to Faerie lore, Gypsy tradition, Witchcraft and Pagan folklore. Learn why the wren is the king of the birds, and why you should never snub a sister in the forest! Who really gave Cinderella that dress, and why did the Wren kill Cock Robin? Kenny Klein is a folklorist, a storyteller and a singer who has collected magical folklore for four decades.


Mojo and Magic in Blues Music: Blues is an American musical culture with roots in African, Irish and English folklore. Kenny Klein talks about the origins of Blues music, and its roots in voodoo lore and Southern magic, the essential Blues rhythms derived from Afro-Cuban drum patterns, and the magic and tribal origins of chant-and-dance traditions like the Mardi Gras Indians and Talking Blues, which evolved into Rap and Hip-Hop.

An Opinionated History of Pagan Music: Trace the history of modern Pagan music from its origins in the 70s to the present day. Who were the first musicians of the Pagan community? How did festivals and Pagan publications influence the music Pagans listen to today? Join Kenny Klein for discussion and examples of the songs we Pagans sing.

Magic In New Orleans Music: New Orleans has long been a cradle of American musical styles, including Blues, Jazz and Folk. It is also a magical city, where Voodoo, Swamp Magic and Southern Witchcraft have existed for centuries. Kenny, a New Orleans resident and working musician, explores the magical elements of this city's music through videos and recordings of traditional music styles. Learn about Mardi Gras Indians, the Mardi Gras, the spiritual elements of Second Lines, and the deep secrets of Blues music.


The Lost Secrets of Wicca: As Wicca becomes more popular, and the coven structure is replaced by festivals, open circles and solitaries, many of the most magical and powerful traditions of the Craft are lost or forgotten. Kenny Klein explores some of the great secrets taught in the traditional coven structure, such as the Tenets of Faith, the Paths Of Power, the full Wiccan Rede (all 28 lines), and older Pagan traditions.

What is Traditional Wicca?: Kenny Klein explores the oldest traditions of the religion we now call Wicca, from its roots in Neolithic animism to its practice in such places as the New Forest of England and the Witches Tower region of Alsace. How much has changed in the Pagan Wicca we practice today? How much remains the same? Learn the lore and history of this seminal Pagan tradition, and how its practice has changed in modern years.

The History of Modern Paganism: How did the religions we practice today take form? Where did it come from? Do we do the same rituals as ancient Witches dancing the ancient bonfires? This highly informative, slightly opinionated lecture explores the history of Paganism, from its ancient roots to modern practice. Learn why 1951 and 1979 were very good years for Pagans, and why you might want to have shaken hands with Alex Sanders.


Blythe and Pullip Dolls; Meet-Up and Customization Demo: Blythe, Pullip and Ball Joint Dolls (BJD) are Japanese dolls that are becoming a very popular obsession among collectors of all ages in our communities. Not a child's doll, these dolls can be dressed and customized to be dainty, creepy, eerie or dramatic. If you collect these dolls, here is a chance to come meet other collectors. If you do not have a doll, but are interested in seeing them, knowing more about them and learning how to customize them, join us. Kenny Klein is a Blythe Doll customizer, and will present a demo on opening Blythe's head, changing her eyes,and replacing her scalp and hair. If you have a doll, please bring her (or him). See Kenny's dolls at www.kennyklein.net/dolls.html .

All workshops and lectures can be tailored to suit a timeslot of one hour to two hours.