Yes, I Customize Blythe and Pullip dolls! These are collectable dolls, made in Japan and Korea. Many collectors are "purists," who collect the dolls just as they are released by the factory; others collect one of a kind (OOAK) customized dolls. That's where I come in...

Customization involves carving the doll's lips, eyes, and philtrum; replacing its stock hair with human hair, mohair or modacrylic hair; replacing eye chips with custom, foiled eye chips; sanding their faces and painting make-up (called a face-up); and creating one of a kind clothing and accessories. In the end, I create a unique doll with its own personality.

Follow the links to see dolls I am currently working on. All dolls are for sale, except Nutmeg.



Blythe Dolls have four sets of eyes, each a different color (or colors), changed with a pull string. Custom Blythes have "sleepy eyes," the ability to close their eyes or have droopy eyelids. Blythe bodies are articulated at the neck, torso, shoulders and knees. They can be customized with a ball jointed body, giving them full articulation. Their hair is rooted to their scalp.

Pullip Dolls have one set of eyes that can be moved from left to center to right, and can blink, wink or close. Their bodies are fully articulated. Their hair is usually a wig securely glued to their scalp.

Customized Blythes start at $350 and go up to $650 or more, depending on the base doll and the amount of work done. Hair, lips and makeup can be done in any color scheme, and the doll can be made and clothed in any theme or style. the face can be carved into many expressions; smile, frown, grin, smirk, etc.

Pullip Dolls start at $250, and can be wigged and made up in any color scheme or style. NOTE there are no Pullips on this site at this time.

If you have a Blythe or Pullip you'd like customized, please inquire about work and price. Thanks.

e-mail me here.

Lux Camille