The FishBird CD is now available for sale or download!! Look here. And I will have a new book out soon. Fairy Tale Magic, co-written with Lauren DeVoe, will be out on Llewellyn in May. Pre-order here.


April 17, 9PM and April 25, 5PM, Kerry Irish Pub, New Orleans.

April 25-27, workshop, spring festival at The Gryphon's Nest, Springfield LA.

May 1-4, THE Beltain, Camp Ramblewood, Darlington MD; May 10-11, Knoxville TN (including a show at Ceren Ered); May 15-18, Pagan Unity Festival, TN.

June 11-15, WicCan Fest, ON. Canada; June 20-22, Anchorage AK.

July 7-20, Sankofa and Sirius Rising at Brushwood, Sherman, NY; July 25-27, Youngstown, OH.

August 1-3 Eye Of Horus, Minn, MN; Aug 4-10 Sacred Harvest Festival, MN; Aug 14-17 GenCon, IN; Aug 23-24 and 30-31-Sept. 1, Bristol Renaissance Faire, Kenosha WI.

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